Wow, Adventure Time is getting intense.

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Super Smash Bros. for WiiU/3DS.
Looking as handsome as ever. This artwork should be on the boxart !
Ohana means family ! Gorgeous realistic tribute to Lilo & Stitch by Heather Theurer. More info here. 

"The blessings of the goddess drift down from the heavens aloft a sail, which I now pass on to you.”
I see eveyone bitching about the series’ finale, so let me share MY point of view. And just to be clear, I’ll be talking about the finale, not the whole season.
I honestly would have enjoyed this ending if the Mother’s death hadn’t been mentionned so quickly, if they had shown Ted having some grief when he talks about it, or at least difficulties to accept it. Her death deserved more attention, more “screen time”, we didn’t get the time to deal with it, or even to get emotional about it. After how awesome Tracy was shown to be, after all the nice things Ted said about her in the past episodes, and most of all, after 9 freaking seasons of building up towards their meeting, the ending was like if she never existed, for us, and for him. Like if she was just a random chick Ted used to bang. Cristin Milioti and her character did not deserve that. 
Also, a meaningful quote about moving on with you life, about how important it is in life to not cling to the past, to keep your best friends around, to not lose hope in love, or else, would have been much appreciated. 
HOWEVER. I’ve always ‘liked’ the thought of Ted and Robin ending up together against all odds… Since the very first episode of the series. The last scene with the blue french horn and Robin at the window was pretty strong and solid. BUT I didn’t like the way the writers brought it. Making Barney and Robin get a divorce without real reasons ? Killing off the mother without explanations ? No. That’s just too easy and botched.
People will say stuff like “But Barney and Robin belonged together, Ted has always been rejected by her”. But, if you recall, Ted said something very profound and true in a past episode : “love does not make sense”. Yet, it’s “the best thing we do”. There’s no “belonging to someone”, there’s love. It’s the only thing there is. 
So yeah, to me, Ted and Robin ending up together is a huge surprise and a positive thing. It makes sense while not making any. If you know what I mean. You probably don’t.
Again, I you think about it, the writers always loved attracting people into false realities. How I met your Mother, the title of the series, is just their big ultimate prank. It’s actually stated. It was never the story of how Ted met his kids’ mom, it was the story of how he fell in love with a girl and never got over her. It was never the yellow umbrella, it was the blue french horn. I find that beautiful, sad, but beautiful. So, to conclude, I’d say that to me, the ending was meh. Could have been awesome, though, if they brought it differently. 
I would have been more than happy about a simple Ted / Tracy ending, but let’s face it : where was the surprise ? The writers have dared it, while knowing some members of the fanbase would lose it. That’s courageous. 
They created an awesome love story, and I thank them for the legendary ride. 
I’ll miss HIMYM.
I’m finally playing this game, and it’s AWESOME :D ! 
Can’t wait until the return of this awesome ( yet far from complete ) cast. Only a few weeks to go !
I’m so thrilled about season 4 !